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I’ll be completely honest, I never really realized how the change in the weather can really affect the way our skin reacts, until this year – which, now, it all kinda makes sense. My skin was doing really good and I finally had a good routine going, I was really happy with how much better it had become and then….winter came. My skin has felt so dry and just plain reactive. So here some of my favorite products I’ve been using to try and help get my skin glowing & happy again.

For morning/daytime: I usually wash my face either with cool water or a cream cleanser, tone, moisturize, and then makeup if I’m wearing it that day. Sometimes I do a mask before.

For evening: I will either do a mask or exfoliate with my Fitglow cleanser brush, cleanser, tone, spot treatment (if needed), serum, moisturize. Sometimes I use an oil.


It’s really important that you are exfoliating 1-3x times a week to help remove the dead skin cells, build up, dirt, flaky skin. This also help with brightening the skin and creating a smooth soft canvas to work with – and help with the overall health of your skins appearance. In addition by exfoliating the buildup/dead skin cells it enables the products you use after to absorb better & deeper into the skin so to be the most effective! I’ve listed 

Kypris Deep Forest Clay Mask – physical & chemical exfoliant. Don’t be fooled by the “Clay” and thinking it will dry out your skin. Although you still want to be careful and make sure to hydrate after, this mask doesn’t feel drying to the skin. It will leave your skin literally glowing, help with restoring the skin, acne, dullness and more. This is my all time favorite mask. It is a definite luxurious experience.

Leahlani Mermaid Mask – this smells sooooooo good – like a citrus grove & honey. Because of the raw honey, it has many healing ingredient properties, moisturizing and helps aids in exfoliation. It also contains Hawaiian spirulina, premium chlorella; packed full with superfoods for the skin. Think green smoothie for your face. 😉 The color of this mask is absolutely beautiful. It is truly a beautiful experience.#mermaidmagic  

Epi- Peel Mask by Tammy Fender   – it’s a micro- exfoliating treatment that will make your skin brighter, softer and glows! Gentle exfoliation. The scent reminds me of a luxurious spa experience right at home.

Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub – This is a much loved and affordable facial scrub in the clean beauty world, however, I personally can’t use it because my face was too sensitive. But I wanted to add it as a great affordable option – and most people love it! 

Fitglow Cleansing Brush – this helps so much with gently exfoliating your skin, cleansing and cleaning out your pores.



A Cream Cleanser is really nice because it will cleanse the face without stripping it from it’s natural oils, plus it will be mositurizing. I like to use a cream cleanser especially in the morning, my favorite is the Fitglow Clam Cleaning Milk (removes eye makeup really well, too). The OSEA Ocean Cleanser is also another option!

Inika Miceller Rosewater is also really nice, especially for in the morning or first cleanse at night (makeup remover). It clings on to dirt and grim and will “melt it away”. It’s also super hydrating!

Fitglow Vita-Active Cleanser – this is a gel formula, I do not feel it strips my skin of oils as others I have tried or is too harsh. If you do have super dry skin maybe opt for an Oil or Cream Cleanser:) I usually use this one at night and then make sure I’m loading up on hydrating and moisturizing skincare after, anyways.


Add that hydration back into your skin, girl! Water from the sink is dehydrating to your skin. Toners help to add hydration back into your skin as well as other nutrients and balancing your skins pH.

OSEA Sea Vitamin Boost or Sea Minerals Mist– nourishing, hydrating and loaded with antioxidants. The color of these toners are stunning – the Sea Vitamin Boost gets it’s color naturally from the pomegranate extract and Gigartina Skottsbergii Extract (red algae). The packaging is beautiful frosted glad.  (Store this in the fridge for an even more refreshing experience!) 

Heritage Store Rosewater – this is also an amazing & affordable option + it smells lovely.

Tammy Fender Bulgarian Rose Water – this is another beautiful option. the scent is so light & feminine. I really the spritzer on this, very even and soft.




Hyaluronic Acid Serum * all three of these listed are vegan- Hyaluronic Acid holds up to 1000x it’s weight in water! Super hydrating to the skin: Fitglow VitaActive Serum – smells like a creamsicle, contains vegan hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, full spectrum antioxidants. OSEA Hyalournic Sea Serum lightweight, non-greasy moisture. Made up of three molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid and three organic Seaweeds. (Although I haven’t personally tried it yet, I have heard wonderful things & it looks amazing) Live Botanical also contains aloe vera & green tea, and super affordable!


Rosehip Oil – affordable and packed full of vitamins and antioxidants to help fight off free radicals, sun damage, acne, scarring..

Maqui Berry PM Drops Moisturizer – “SkinOwl invites you to experience the world’s strongest fruit antioxidant in a never-before-seen face oil. Intended for all skin types, the Maqui Berry Drops contain antioxidants and phytochemicals that neutralize DNA-damaging free radicals and reduce cell damage. Dull skin turns radiant. Congested skin appears clear and diffused. Uneven texture and tone visibly diminish. After cleansing the skin, use 5-7 drops in place of your serum or moisturizer. Massage onto skin and let penetrate.”

 I LOVE this! This stuff makes your face feel sooo nice and the scent is heavenly! It smells like orange, vanilla and cloves – but not strong, just really soothing.



Fitglow Cloud Comfort Cream   “nourishes and protects stressed, irritated, and red skin with ultra calming bioavailable nutrients.” A bit more lightweight than the Cloud Balm.  

Fitglow Cloud Balm– Ultra hydrating whipped balm, healing and protective. The perfect balm for dry, dehydrated & stressed skin. Comes in a beautiful jar, too.

Fitglow Vita Rich Creme I really enjoy applying this at night. I wake with glowing and plump skin. It helps improve the skin hydration and elasticity, helps fight against free-radical damage, improves the skin health and reduces inflammation, skin tone and smoothness. This has definitely helped with keeping my skin clear. *This does contain a natural form of Retinol Liposomes, so if you wear it in the day be sure to apply sunscreen before sun exposure.* I been enjoying the Hynt Beauty Sun Prep


I am one to not normally wear sunscreen, and am a firm believer in getting the Vitamin D & nutrients from the sun and outdoors, but I also realize the benefits of sunscreen and sun protection. So this is my favorite facial sunscreen to date that I use when needed. 

Hynt Beauty Sun Prep  


Blemishes/Spot Treatment

Osmia spot treatment apply 3-5 times a day for best results. works amazing! Quite potent

OSEA Blemish Balm –  this is a very lightweight balm that will also help with oil control. It contains ingredients like tea tree that is antibacterial, anti fungal so it will help with acne and preventing future breakouts. 



Don’t forget about your eyes & lips!



100% Pure Bright Eyes Under Eye Mask

Odacite Ba + S Eye Contour

Plume Lash & Brow Enhancing serum  – (Code: HANNAHMARIE OR HANNAHMARIECAD (Canada)

100% Pure Coffee Eye Cream



I have yet to find my “fav” chapstick to replace my favorite Burt’s Bees Peppermint one! Here a couple of my must-haves to keep those lips healthy & plump!

Exfoliate – Red Apple “exfoliate stick” 

Fitglow Beauty Lip Serums


I also have really been enjoying Jade rolling to aid in detoxification, circulation, depuffing, acne and many more benefits!





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