Seed PhytoNutrients Review

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Farmer Fresh. Seed Obsessed.

What a cute slogan!

SeedPhyto Nutrients is a company that crafts “natural-origin hair, face, and body care products in the first ever shower-friendly post-consumer recycled paper bottle.” They are a not launched brand yet, but will be in April 2018 for Earth Month. The company reached out to me and I had the opportunity to try some of their products before launching! 

Let’s get started…

About the Brand:

“Our mission is to plant the seeds of health, well-being, and sustainability for future generations.”

They are a mission-based brand based in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. 

To protect seeds from over-commercialization, we partner with independent American organic farmers to harness the power of local seed varieties to create elevated natural products that make us look and feel good.

Together, we create an environment of harmonious beauty, agriculture and sustainable business.

Our philosophy is simple. Everything we do is done with the purpose of furthering our four brand obsessions. Learn more about them below.

They use ingredients in their products like “sunflower seed oil, camelina seed oil, coconut, shea butter, and turmeric. These potent ingredients are rich in nourishing vitamin C and vitamin E, jojoba, and safflower seed oil, ingredients that contain omega-3 fatty acids.” 


Brand Commitment/Values: 

“We support our organic farmers by paying for 100% of their crop up front, regardless of yield. This allows farmers to reinvest in their farms and plan for their future harvests. Supporting them provides hope for a thriving future of organic farming which will provide us all with organic crops for years to come.”

All of their products are: Sulphate free, Gluten Free, Planted Based, Paraben Free, No animal testing, Natural Fragrance, 93-100% Natural Origin.

We don’t do what’s easy. We do what we believe is right. We created a company that strives to affect positive change in every way it can.

This ↑ 🙌🏻



If you’ve followed me on any of my social media accounts you most likely know that fragrance/scents etc are a big deal & I am super sensitive due to my health. So I always try to give a disclaimer: What I can’t use or don’t like (especially with scent) may be totally different for you or someone else. This is just my personal preference or for my health. 🙂

So I will say, the scent of these products aren’t my personal favorite, they don’t smell “bad” & they are not strong, they are just a very unique scent. Just not me, I guess. They are a clean, sweet/citrusy, some have a little more of a peppery hint in my opinion – I believe the hand wash does. The shampoo & conditioner scents, especially remind me of the little complimentary hotel products.

I love sunflowers, always have & always will, lots of special memories. The fact that they use sunflower and the seeds in their products, makes me like the brand even more! 


I was sent the pre-launch samples which came in just like little travel size containers, BUT I couldn’t not tell you about the packaging the actually products will come in when launched, because I seriously can’t get over it! Seed PhytoNutrients uses all recycled and recyclable packaging for their products and created the first shower- friendly paper bottle! It is made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper with a post-consumer recycled liner.

Okay, but wait it gets better, this is my favorite part. Seed “… [is] committed to supporting the growth of organic, heirloom and open-pollinated seeds and sharing them with you to create more resilient plants across our planet.” So…. in alignment with that, when you’ve finished up the product, theres a little surprise for you! Open up the recyclable bottle to find a beautiful packet of their heirloom herb seeds to plant yourself! Um… I love it!!!


Also, my products came in super adorable reusable tote bag – totes adorbs! (get it….”totes” lol ok….*cough* anywaysss….)

Another thing I really appreciate about this company is that they list the ingredients that are in their “Natural Fragrance” – those two words can be so misleading & tricky – so props to this company for being transparent!




Body Moisturizer – this is a nice, with a bit more of a thicker, whipped butter consistency. Scent wasn’t my favorite.


Shampoo – This does a really great job a cleaning my hair without stripping it too much. I have curly hair that gets tangled quite easily (and normally don’t brush it much because…#hellofrizz). If you like a shampoo that lathers a lot, this might not be the one for you. This doesn’t contain some of the harsh emollients that conventional products do that give that sudsy lather, so it does take a bit more work to get a bit of a lather.

It did feel like like I needed a lot of shampoo – but then it also seemed like I had a ton of shampoo left. This does a great job at cleaning, but does leave it feeling a bit hard to manage….BUT the conditioner……!!! ↓↓↓


Conditioner – Okay so this was the highlight of the products for me. I REALLY like this conditioner. Not so much the scent, but how it performs & leaves my hair feeling. It has quite a bit of slip. (talkin’ to all you fellow curly girls out there). I felt like it does a really great job at conditioning my hair.


Hand Soap – kinda cool to have the little exfoliation bits. I think if you are used to, and really like the soaps that have the little exfoliation beads you would really like this – it would be a great natural substitute! For me, personally, it was nice but not my favorite. 


Facial Cleanser & Light Facial Moisturizer – These two both contain Coconut Oil, which I am still trying to figure out with my skin. To play it safe I decided not to use them, but give them to my sister to use! I told her she had to give me updates & review on how she liked them:) She immediately loved the scent to the products (see, thats what I’m saying, I don’t care for it but her & my mom loved the scent. haha). She always talked about how soft her face felt and kept telling me to feel how soft it was! Super smooth & soft.

She was going to use the moisturizer, but when I took the lid off so she could smell it first, there was a tiny bug on top 😬 lol…sooo Im not sure if that got there before or after it got to me…but it was doin’ the backstroke, so we decided not to use it. 🙂


Head to their site, here, to see Ingredients lists.


I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful!





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