Subscription Box Review: Organic Bunny

December Organic Bunny Box Review

I know this is prettttty late – I had meant to get this out sooner. Better late than never right?! 


About: Amanda, the founder & owner of The Organic Bunny, says she’s “loved all things girly and glamorous since a very young age”. However, she became frustrated by how many chemicals & toxins are in our beauty products that we use daily, which in turn are compromising our health. “Knowing that, doesn’t make anyone feel very glamorous!” She wanted to be able to prove that organic, non-toxic, natural beauty can still be glamorous (and cruelty-free🐰). 

After researching, trying and sharing products – she wanted to be able to give the opportunity of trying cleaner products to others, without all the hassle and stress. And so the Organic Bunny Subscription Box was born! Once a month you’ll receive a totally chic, glamorous, cruelty-free, non-toxic subscription box right to your front door, that will make you feel like a princess. 



Month: December 2017

Price: $59 

Packaging: Pink, sparkly, reusable & sturdy cardboard box with magnetic closure + white & shimmery paper shreds inside packaging.

How Many Products:  Each box contains 6-8 products in medium to full sizes (“some smaller samples may be included as extra goodies.”)

Subscription Plan: Auto-Pay, 1 month, 3 month, 6 month (buying one or month = better prices per box)

What was received: Kaia Naturals: The seaweed detox for the bath, Campo Roll-on Oil, Konjac Sponge, AYR skin care Facial Bar, Fitglow Beauty Vita-Rich Creme, Chocolate Sun Lavendar + Vanilla Body Scrub, Olive + Piper Earrings, YumEarth Peppermint Lollipop.

Specials: Love your box? Upload a photo on Instagram and use hashtag #OrganicBunnyBox for a chance to win the following months box free. Coupon codes available on OrganicBunny website for products in each box.

Overall Thoughts:

I have seen many of the past boxes that looked amazing and had been really wanting to sign up for one. So, I signed up to get the December box as a little Christmas present to myself lol. The process of signing up is easy and you have the option to just sign up for 1 month. I really appreciate how passionate Amanda is about her boxes and products she includes, promotes and sells in her store. I feel confidant in the products knowing that she has done extensive amount of research and doesn’t just settle for “mediocre”. She has really wonderful insight on products and ingredients – and you can follow along on her IG too! 

So, I absolutely adore the Olive + Piper Earrings and wore them for the holidays. The Yumearth lollipop was delicious; I had never tried their peppermint one before. (I really like all the other flavors I’ve tried from them, too). Great alternative to a candy cane but without all the awful dyes and ingredients. The Fitglow Vita Rich creme is absolutely uhmazing. I actually gave it to my mom as a gift, since I have the full size and wanted her to experience the amazingness of it, too! The little sample of the Vanilla + Lavender Sugar scrub by Chocolate sun, was nice too – but not super coarse; I’ve actually gotten quite a few uses out of it too and it’s quite tiny. 



This box is a bit more on the pricey side, in my opinion. I was hesitant because of the price, but had seen many of the past boxes and the value was worth it. You are getting 6-8 full size to travel size products. So, you are definitely getting above and beyond what you spend. Personally, I was a little disappointed at this box than the past boxes I had previously seen. But I think that was mainly because 3 of the products I couldn’t use due to my own health, sensitivities /ingredient sensitives. Obviously that is not a “con” against the actual box or brands but my personal needs etc.

I may subscribe again in the future, but it’s kinda a toss up since you don’t know what you will be getting. (but that’s with most subscription boxes, right?). You can’t buy the boxes the actual month they are announced like some subscription boxes, which is an option I really like – but maybe in the future! 

The only other thing was the way the products were set in the box which seemed a little sloppy -BUT I found out that she had recently transitioned to a warehouse that was packaging the boxes and orders. So she’s no longer with that warehouse, obviously! (so I think that was just that month, the boxes are always beautiful packaged even when ordering from the OB store!


I am super thankful to have found Amanda’s blog, store & IG, her mission & all she does is SO amazing. She definitely has a wealth of knowledge & I love to learn knew tips, tricks & about new products and ingredients.


Have you subscribed to The Organic Bunny Box before? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!





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