Lily Lolo Eyeshadow Palette Review


I posted about a month ago that I purchased the Lily Lolo “Pedal to the Metal” and New “Pure Indulgence” Palettes. I know some really wanted to hear my thoughts and swatches on these products, so here we go!

To be honest, I almost wasn’t going to write a post, because I was quite disappointed in them…:-/ Keep reading and you’ll find out why. But I decided I would continue to write a post. Not to degrade the brand in any way at all; but for it to hopefully be helpful to others!


So, let’s get started…

I had my eye on the Lily Lolo Palette for a while now. Honestly, why is it so stinkin’ hard to find eyeshadow palettes in the clean beauty industry?? Like it’s fairly easy to find the single eyeshadows or pans for the z-palette, but palettes?….like zilch.

These seemed so perfect since they seem to have a variety of 8 colors per palette, which include different finishes, such as shimmer, satin and matte and fabulous ingredients! I believe there are 6 different palettes..? So you get a little bit of everything for $34USD – a great deal!


“Pedal to the Metal” Palette


The Pedal to the Metal palette has 3 matte and 5 shimmer. I thought this was so beautiful, and the colors are described as highly pigmented. But I was so disappointed when I swatched them. As you can see below, the swatches do look very pretty but I had to build them up so much just for the swatches. When I applied them to my eyes there was very little color or pigment. It almost just felt like the shimmer & glitter got everywhere. I was disappointed. I even tried them with a wet brush and with the Lily Lolo eyelid primer- which did seem to help just a tad bit.



“Pure Indulgence” Palette


I couldn’t resist the colors of their newest release “Pure Indulgence” palette. Like, just look at how beautiful these colors are!? I thought these were perfect for fall! This palette contains 5 shimmer and 3 matte, but I feel like matte ones have more of a satin finish. The swatches of these are so beautiful. I will say, these are more pigmented than the Pedal to the Medal palette, like look how beautiful they swatched. Howeverwhen applied to your eyes, the color pay off still wasn’t what I was hoping for. The more shimmer colors seems to be a bit more pigmented than the “matte”. In conclusion, I do feel I will be able to still create some really pretty looks with this palette. I will just have to build the product up for better color pay off.




I think I had such high hopes for these palettes, I wanted to love them, so it was a big let down when they didn’t perform that well. It appears that maybe there are some palettes that are more pigmented than others, maybe. (Pure Indulgence vs Pedal to the Metal) ?

Out of both the palettes I will probably use the Pure Indulgence one more, but probably won’t use either as much as I was hoping.

Like I said previously, I was hesitant to write this post, because I don’t want to degrade the brand. This is just my honest review!

I honestly love other products by this brand, like their blushes and lip glosses! Shop Lily Lolo Products.

I hope this review was helpful to you!





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