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About the Brand

Clean Beauty Promise

You don’t have to sacrifice performance for clean beauty. Fitglow Beauty products are made from ethically sourced ingredients and always free from:



Fitglow Beauty is also Cruelty Free and most of their products are Vegan, too!

The packaging, the ingredients, the customer service; high-end, luxurious, beautiful, transforming and quality. I definitely would recommend this brand to anyone looking to switch to clean beauty or looking for an amazing skincare experience.


Fitglow was one of the brands I chose after hearing *so* many good things about them through Jenna, from NaturalBeautifulLife. (btw, if you haven’t watched Jenna’s videos or visited her store, please do! She is the sweetest, and always brings a smile to my face. I love watching her tutorials and hearing her reviews.) Now I am so excited, because I have seen such an incredible difference in my skin since using them.

I purchased these products a few month’s ago and have been using them daily since then. So I decided I would share my thoughts and review with you! If you want to know what my current skincare routine is, click here.


Let’s get started….

Vita Active Cleanser

This is a gel cleanser, that foams really well. I like to use this with Fitglow Cleansing Brush, but quite often I will just use my hands, it works great either way.

Normally I wet my face then just barely wet the brush, pump 1/2 to 1 pump of the cleanser onto the brush and then apply in circular motions. I find this works the best, since I feel the brush can trap a lot of water and it ends up too watery on my face, dripping everywhere, creating a mess.

This cleanser has been amazing for my extremely oily (mostly my T-zone) yet also dry at times, skin! I feel this cleanser doesn’t make my skin more oily OR make it feel super tight, unlike other cleansers I have tried; it’s a nice balance. After, my skin feels brightened, radiant, and soft. It also seems to give that “soft focus” effect to the skin. It contains Vitamin C and B, which helps with brightening and anti-aging.



Cleanser & Brush

Fitglow Cleansing Brush

I use this with the Fitglow cleanser at night in particular, rather than my hands, to help more thoroughly cleanse the skin and pores. The bristles on the brush side are super soft.

One tip: just barely get the brush wet before adding cleanser, I find if the brush is too wet, it can be very messy. The brush can end up holding a lot of water since the bristles are so dense.

I am, however, a little disappointed in the brushes body quality. It is very top-heavy causing it to tip over often and the rest of the brush handle is a super lightweight plastic, which has already cracked on the bottom of mine. :/ So hopefully they can improve that a little bit, since the brush isn’t the most affordable. I do, however, like the double-sided brush, it has rubber side as well which you can rub in circular motions on your face to help your oils and serum penetrate into the skin better.

You can buy this as a set with the VitaActive Cleanser and save some $$ on the Fitglow Site, or you can just purchase separately. This would be great to use with any cleanser, honestly.

Vita Active Serum

Smells like a creamsicle….it literally smells like a creamsicle. So delicious and refreshing. It has a slight orange tint that dries clears. It’s a little “sticky” feeling at first, probably from the Aloe Vera, but after it has absorbed the stickiness goes away.

I apply 1 pump of this after cleansing, mainly at night, sometimes in the morning. I like to use this with an oil, like the Vita Youth Oil, before moisturizing.

This is also supposed to help with pigmentation, uneven skin tone, acne scarring etc. I do believe my acne scarring has become less apparent, which is awesome, just not sure which product has helped with that or if it’s the combination of all of them!?

Among many amazing ingredients, I really like that this has 11% Vegan Hyaluronic Acid so it’s hydrating for your skin and also helps to plump, improve fine lines and prevention against premature aging.

Vita Youth Oil


I had been using the sample size I received in my order. I just ran out of it the other night! 🙁 A little goes a long way and the little bottle lasted me about 1 1/2 -2 months. I used about 1-2 pumps, almost every night. Absolutely in love with the smell of this oil. I don’t know how to describe it, but I just LOVE it. It’s very nostalgic for me. This oil, however, has quite a price tag attached to it, though. But it is packed full with so many nourishing ingredients.

To name a few: Active Organic Extracts, Retinol Liposomes, Argan & Apple Stem cells, Rose hip oil, Orchid oil and much, much more.


Vita Rich Creme


Fitglow moisturizer


I use the Vita Rich Creme at night only, since it is too “oily” for my skin to use in the daytime.

When I first started using this, I was using WAY too much (for daytime especially). Using a smaller amount made a drastic difference, but I still can’t wear it in the daytime because it’s just too much for my oily skin, and then as the day goes it just gets worse.

I really like the way my skin looks an feels when I wake up in the morning after using this the night before; my skin is so well hydrated and moisturized. It contains powerful humectants. Two of the main ingredients are Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid (botanical). Talk about #majorhydration. My skin is glowing, smooth, plump and I also helps make my pores appear smaller.

This one isn’t my favorite smelling product, but it isn’t terrible, either. I think I am just spoiled by the scents of the products above. haha!

With that being said….

On one hand I do really like this moisturizer and have seen such a difference in my skin. But on the other hand it is such a big chunk $$$ for a moisturizer. I understand that it has such beneficial ingredients that most skin care may not have. But I have a hard time spending that much on a moisturizer, ya know? If I did repurchase at some point, I would switch between this – for night time only – and another more affordable moisturizer.


I truly love this brand and would definitely recommend it. It has transformed my skin and I am beyond thrilled! You can also check out my review and swatches of their new Lip serums, here. (They are amazing)


Hope you enjoyed the review!




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