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*These sample size products were sent to me, all reviews and opinions are 100% my own.


“Experience beautiful, healthy hair without compromising your health or life values.” -EVOLVh

About the Brand

“Our Passion

We live for healthy happy hair and the vision of lovely EVOLVh bottles in your shower.   EVOLVh was born after careful observation and study of all hair product lines in the marketplace – a revolutionary hair care line with a propriety amino acid technology that transforms hair feel and texture while optimizing strand health and beauty. Hair professionals and their clients were increasingly looking for products made from healthier ingredients, but without giving up performance back when EVOLVh was created. That still holds true today, and even more so. You’re about to experience a curated clean beauty hair care line that offers true performance unlike any other you’ve tried before. Luxurious, with amazing efficacy and utilizing the most potent ingredients from nature.”  – from EVOLVh Website

EVOLVh is free from harmful ingredients such as sulfates, parabens and sodium chloride.  They are 90% organic, cruelty free, gluten free and most of their products are vegan.

For you curly girls out there wondering about silicones, their products are free from silicones EXCEPT these three which contain Dimethiconol: The super finish polishing balm, ultimate styling lotion & total control styling creme. *** UPDATE: EVOLVh recently reformulated and their products are no longer made with silicones, however it may take some time for the products to cycle through – especially from purchases from retailers etc.*** If you have any further questions regarding this ingredient, I encourage you to contact EVOLVh – their customer service is truly wonderful.

Also, I just had to add this from their site. Love it! :

Mission h-Possible

h is for Hair, h is for Healthy, h is for High Performance. Our mission is to help people everywhere feel the hair love…….after all, EVOLVh does have “love” in our name:) 


H is also for Hannah 😉 

SmartCurl Line – Hydrating

Shampoo: Water, pHytoBlend (proprietary concentrate blend of 20 herbs in an aqueous base), decyl glucose, disodium sulfosuccinate, cocamidopropyl betaine, lauryl glucose, coco polyglucose, kiwi seed oil, almond oil, seaweed extract, citrus aurantifolia, mango, lecithin, sunflower oil, soya, safflower oil, soy amino acids, vitamin C, wild pansy, sweet clover, apricot, nasturtium, nectarine, passion flower, SmartScent™, citrus seed extract.


Conditioner: Water, pHytoBlend (proprietary concentrate blend of 20 herbs in an aqueous base), brassicamidopropyl dimethylamine, dicapryl succinate, brassica glycerides*, palm oil, kiwi seed extract, castor oil, mango, lecithin, sunflower oil, soya, safflower oil, soy amino acids, vitamin C, wild pansy, sweet clover, apricot, nasturtium, nectarine, passion flower, SmartScent™ citrus seed extract.

* Eco-certified Ingredients


First, let me tell you a little about my hair type. I have a lot of hair but the strands are definitely on the thinner side – my hair is the longest it’s ever been and I am continuing to grow it out! (its always been short). I’ve always had a bit of wave to my hair, but it started getting curly around 12 or 13 yrs. old. #yaypuberty. I actually love my curly hair, but it came out of nowhere and I had no idea how to handle it. hello many awkward photos and hair styles. It wasn’t until probably the past 3 years that I really started “figuring it out” and I am FINALLY starting to get the hang of it!

On top of that, I have a VERY oily scalp and quite dry ends. Honestly I would wash my hair and by the end of that day/the next morning my hair would be so oily and need to be washed again. It would be even worse if I used products – so I never liked to. So I reverted to frizzy, undefined, lion mane hair. Trying to find a shampoo & conditioner (even in the conventional market) was a challenge for me. Watch my Current Curly Hair Care Routine, here.

I can’t remember how I first stumbled across EVOLVh but I am so glad I did! Their UltraShine line I fell in love with, all their products are equivalent to luxury, salon-grade hair care!

The UltraShine shampoo scent is more of a warm/sugary/nectarine/sexy/feminine scent, in my opinion, which I love. Whereas The SmartCurl Shampoo & Conditioner have more of a citrus-y, fresh, clean scent which also is very nice; it’s refreshing and rejuvenating. Since using it, I am starting to prefer it more!

*Disclosure – These are quite fragrant products. I am pretty sensitive to smells, but I seem to be fine with most of their products – I really like these scents and they don’t seem to bother me. (The leave -in conditioner is borderline for me but the smell wears off). So this is something to keep in mind if you are really sensitive to scents. BUT if you are used to conventional salon grade haircare; the scent, the experience & the results then I’m sure you will LOVE these.


When I saw they were coming out with a new line especially for curls, I new I had to try it.

The Smart Curl Shampoo and Conditioner is AMAZING. I absolutely love it.  Although it is intended for curly/wavy hair – anyone can use it. It is very hydrating. I notice a difference in my hair right away. If you follow me on IG you know how much I loved the Ultrashine line, but honestly I must say I love the SmartCurl even better- it just meets my hair needs and so much more! This just does wonders for my hair. I also feel it has a bit more slip in the conditioner – so better for helping me detangle my hair, whereas the Ultrashine Conditioner I don’t feel does a whole lot for my hair.

This shampoo makes your hair so silky, soft and smooth. You feel an instant difference in your hair. Even when my hair is wet is so soft and feels amazing and no tangles. When I get out of the shower my hair feels so clean, without stripping my hair of it’s natural oils. My hair feels SO luxurious. It feels like I just got back from the salon. I also don’t feel I have to apply products after and my hair will still be really nice and lightweight with minimal to no frizz. Because this makes your hair so sleek & soft, I do feel it takes away maybe just a little of the volume from my roots. 

Okay, besides all those other amazing things, this is what has really sold me on this line. I can now go for sure TWO days with nice hair/non-oily and still have curls. By the third day my hair does have more oil, but I can still go 3 to 4 days with my hair up or use some dry shampoo before washing. That may not sound like very long, but for me personally that is amazing! That has NEVER been the case. Normally day one and most definitely day two hair would be oily – up in a nasty bun lol. Not anymore! This made me so, so happy.

I’ll put pictures below of the results:)

SO….full size?? UM, YES PLEASE.

Wonderbalm : Magic for Curls 


Ingredients: Coco-caprylate, diheptyl succinate & capryloyl glycerin/sebacic acid copolymer*, hydrogenated rapeseed oil*, kiwi seed oil, castor oil, almond oil. *Eco-Certified ingredients

Benefits (from the brands website)  – Full Size: 100ML
  • Defines curls without stickiness or crunch
  • Softens and adds shine
  • Moisturizes dry strands
  • Eliminates frizz and flyaways
  • Silicone Free & Fragrance Free
  • Paraben Free, Gluten Free, Vegan
  • Never tested on animals
  • Made in the USA

The consistency is truly like no other I’ve used. It’s hard for me to describe it. I thought it was going to be like a gel, but it isn’t. It’s silky and almost has a silicone texture (but NO silicones!). It’s this really different type of texture – it is quite beautiful.

The price was something that kinda deterred me from it, but honestly the full size bottle will last you foreverrrr. I have the mini (pictured above which is super tiny) I have used it approx. 8x and I still have about half the bottle left. 

The first day I used the WonderBalm I couldn’t believe how silky soft, weightless and just beautiful my hair was, not to mention how defined my curls were. My hair didn’t feel super weighed down or crunchy like other products intended for curls. I fell in love with the results. It’s actually really funny because that night I used it for the first time we sat down for dinner and my dad kinda looked at me and said there was something different. He noticed that my curls looked really nice – I hadn’t even told him about the product or anything.

That night I pinned my hair up on top of my head and slept on it like that – the next day I was pleasantly surprised that my hair was still looking good and didn’t have to do anything to it! 

I definitely am still getting use to ratio and how much to use but I am loving it. I also enjoy using the Wonderbalm after using my Acure line because I get a little more volume, but my scalp doesn’t last as long. Also, kinda lovin’ using this line with my “Cheeky Curls – Lemon Curl Custard” and the diffuser – hello gorgeous, light weight, silky soft curls!

With that said, I think I need the full size of all of these haha!


This was the first day I tried the shampoo/conditioner and Wonderbalm. I’m pretty sure I used a little too much. lol ↓

This is second day hair ↓ , I slept with it clipped up in a “pineapple.” I didn’t do anything to it after letting it down. I actually really liked the second day hair, maybe even more than first day. haha!

First picture is 3rd day hair ↓ just after waking up.     2nd picture is the same day, I just refreshed in water with a little wonder balm. It did feel a little more “weighed” down by product or just kinda like it needed a real washing (at least for my liking).

This was the next wash day. ↓ I tried using the diffuser this day (still getting the hang of it). 




If you are struggling with giving up that salon grade conventional hair care, I would highly encourage you to check out EVOLVh – it is so luxurious. Every time you wash your hair it feels like you just got back from the salon. 

I hope you enjoyed my review and found it helpful, I highly recommend EVOLVh. It’s hard because these pictures don’t do it justice! And as I have started to get the hang of it more and play around with it I just love it more! I have and will definitely continue to recommend it to family, friends and followers! 


Shop EVOLVh here!





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