Current Skincare Routine

Lately, I have really been focusing on my skincare; just trying to take that extra time and steps for it.

I have struggled with acne, hormonal breakouts, textured skin, hyper-pigmentation/scarring, redness, extremely oily skin but also dry/flaky, major clogged pores…. So I finally decided to focus on taking the time to better care for it and invest in some skin care that would truly be nourishing and helping my skin. I feel I could spend so much money on makeup trying to cover things up but that’s not helping. I’d much rather spend a bit more money on skin care to actually help heal my skin and then use makeup once in a while.

Makeup has always been something I have enjoyed and loved- but I think I am kinda becoming a skincare enthusiast, now. ;P

I have gotten a couple facials through the last few months (which were much needed, my skin and pores needed some major help) and then started with these products. I still am working through things but these products and my routine has made such a significant difference! If you want to hear my full review of the Fitglow skincare, click here.


Let’s get to it!



Step 1: Cleanse

Recently I have been using the INIKA Organics Miceller Rose Water to cleanse first thing in the morning. I find this is really gentle and great at removing dirt and makeup. But since I will have just woken up and cleansed my face the night before, I feel this is perfect for just an easy cleanse. I put this on two round cotton pads and rub them on my face. It also smells quite nice, too, not a strong rose scent. If I am taking a shower that morning, then I will use the Fitglow Vita Active cleanser instead in the shower to cleanse my face. You can purchase this on Amazon or at TheChoosyChick.


Step 2: Tone

Rose Water/Toner

I use the Heritage Store Rosewater. I am not usually huge on rose scents, but this one I actually find very soft and relaxing. It has really even spray too, which is also a big plus. I let this absorb before continuing to my next step.

(You can also use this like a perfume, air freshener or apply it to your body/hair. In addition, you can get this at Whole foods or Amazon for a reasonable price).

Sometimes I will use the George’s Aloe spray, for some added hydration, so I switch between these two.

These are great to just spritz throughout the day too!

*On a side note, I also really love the OSEA Malibu mists, I’ve only yet tried the Sea Mineral’s Mist, which I hope to get the full size in the future. They also have a “Sea Vitamin Boost” one, that looks really great, too!*



Step 3: Serum (Sometimes)

Sometimes I use Fitglow Vita Active Serum or my sample of the new Cloud Skin Boost serum. They both smell delicious. But, normally I don’t use a serum in the daytime. I have such oily skin that I don’t want to add too much more on to it. So usually at night is when I use it.


 Step 4: Moisturizer

Off and on I was using the Fitglow Vita Rich Creme for daytime, but it was just too much for my oily skin to use for daytime. So for awhile I wasn’t using any moisturizer. I really wanted to try the Cloud Comfort cream by Fitglow, and I actually ended up receiving a sample of it with my recent order. Can you say perfect timing!?!

So far, I couldn’t be happier with it. I was afraid it was going to make my face really oily or be too heavy for daytime. But it has been perfect for daytime and almost seems to balance the oils in my face. It’s been great! It also has a very subtle yet nice scent. I use about a pea to dime size amount and apply it to my face and neck.


Step 5: Redness Creme

I recently purchased the Redness Rescue Creme by Fitglow and have been using that too. It has a slight green tint to help cancel out the redness, but doesn’t apply green. I haven’t gotten a whole lot of use out of it yet, so still testing it out. So far it wears really well under makeup and doesn’t make my face oily at all, and I think it has been helping with calming my skin and the redness. Still testing it out, but loving it so far!


Spot Treatment

If I am having a hormonal breakout or just a pesky pimple etc. I will apply the Osmia Spot treatment throughout the day. (On day’s I am not wearing makeup or going out).

That’s it for my Current Day Time Skincare. Then if I end up wearing makeup I am all set, and/or I will apply my sunscreen. (Still on the hunt for a sunscreen/primer that I like better, that will also work with my sensitives).




Some nights are different, as sometimes I will only use a couple products, or mask first etc. I like to spend more time at night to really “treat” my skin.


Step 1: 1st Cleanse: (optional)

This would be step one if I have worn makeup or just want to have that extra cleanse. As of late I am using the INIKA Miceller Cleansing Rosewater. I apply this to a dry face with the little cotton pads and wipe it off. This does a really nice job at removing my eye makeup, too, without irritating my eyes. It literally just melts your makeup away, sooo nice.


I was using up the Little Barn Apothecary Blue Geranium cleansing oil, that I got in my Petit Vour Subscription box, which did a great job at removing makeup but I feel like it kinda irritated my eyes a bit.


Step 2: Cleanse

Next I use the Fitglow Beauty VitaActive Cleanser. I use it with the Fitglow cleansing brush, the bristles on the brush side are super soft and help to deeply cleanse the pores. I like using this at night because I feel like it really helps clean the skin more thoroughly, rather than just using my hands. This cleanser does a great job at truly cleansing without stripping the face of natural oils; and also adds benefits from the ingredients.



Step 3: Mask (1-3 times a week)

I mainly mask when my skin is feeling a congested, hormonal or dull. But there are other times when I mask to just relax and pamper myself, we all need those days, am I right? 😉

At this time, my favorite mask is the Deep Forest Clay Mask by Kypris – especially if Im in need some major TLC for my skin or detoxing etc. I will leave this on for about 20min. After my skin feels and looks so fresh, soft and clear, and literally glows. Then I use a warm cloth and hold it to my face and let it just sit, then gently rub in circular motions to remove, this helps exfoliate and remove the dead skin. This is my favorite mask. It’s an investment, but it is so worth it. Even though it is a clay mask, it feels pretty gentle in the sense that it doesn’t leave my skin feeling completely stripped of its oils and moisture.

I also really enjoy the Leahlani Mermaid mask- its smells so delicious and leaves my skin soft and glowing! Also, it’s the most beautiful green color. It’ll take you to a tropical paradise when you’re wearing it!



Step 4: Serum and/or Oil

Fitglow serum & oil

I use one pump of the Vita Active serum. OR I have also been using my sample size of the new Cloud Skin Boost serum. Sometimes I will layer these two. Just depends on what I’m feeling haha. They are both very light in texture. I know they are both called serums, but I feel the Cloud Skin boost is more similar to an oil, like the Youth Oil.

I was using a sample of the Fitglow Vita Youth oil, but it’s all gone now 🙁 I loved the smell of it, and my skin was always so hydrated after using this and the Vita Rich Creme.

If I don’t use the serum and oil above, I will use my Rosehip Oil – which is really high in vitamin c and other great nutrients with anti-aging properties for the skin.



Step 5: Moisturize

This is where I really enjoy using the Vita Rich Creme by Fitglow, because my skin has more time to really absorb and drink it all in and by the morning my face is completely moisturized and hydrated. This I also feels help keep my breakouts a bit more under control, helps keep my pores clear and helps me to wake up with a glowing complexion.

Then I am done and ready to curl up in bed and get some zzzz’s.


So I really just kinda mix things up, depending on what I feel my skin is needing. But it seems to be helping my skin so much, so I’m happy! (I wish I would’ve taken before and after pictures….sorta. lol.) I definitely am still working through things and still have breakout etc, but from what it use to be… Fitglow and Kypris have transformed my skin! I also truly believe switching to cleaner makeup products has also made a drastic difference.

Just know that everyone’s skin is so different and has different needs! This is my personal testimony and what has been helping me, personally. But whatever may work for me might not work for you and vice versa, so it’s kinda trial and error, but I would definitely recommend Fitglow Brand for your skincare needs!

Also, keep in mind that stress, hormones, diet.. and more can all effect our skin. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and one of the main ways our body detoxes and tries to “tell us” things is through our skin!

If you’d like to read my further thoughts on the Fitglow Skincare line, click here.


Hope that was helpful!


I always enjoy trying new products or hearing about other favorites, comment below and tell me yours!





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