Clean Beauty


What is Clean Beauty? 

To me, clean beauty is being aware and mindful of what is in our products we use daily. To understand & recognize toxins and ingredients that are being used and be able to discern whether it will be beneficial to us. It’s creating our own standards of healthy living. Many people also relate to as “Eco beauty” or “Green Beauty,” within each those names there are different levels of standards, for example, how it effects the environment, what they support, ethically handcrafted etc. . I saw it written somewhere that clean beauty is about “valuing our health AND beauty,” and honestly I think it sums it up perfectly, plain and simply! Read more about my story.

Oh, and let me just clarify,

You most definitely do not have to give up performance for better ingredients. That is so not true! There are so many clean beauty companies and products that work just as good (and in my opinion, a lot even better) than conventional products. Yes, it may take a little time to find “the perfect product.” (another reason why I created my blog and IG [@p.s.byhannahmarie] I’ll do the testing for you πŸ˜‰ and save you the hassle, and hopefully some money​!). So many of these companies are dedicated to creating the best products; performance and ingredients! See my personal favorites, here (and shop directly from there!)


Since struggling with health issues for over a decade, I began really researching the ingredients in products including beauty, healthcare, household, and food. When I was young my family had begun to transition to a healthier, organic diet and lifestyle. However, once researching all the ingredients in products we use every day, I was SHOCKED. Our conventional products, as well as our “natural” options – whether that be cosmetics, haircare, soap, laundry detergent, air freshener,… are loaded with toxins; and those toxins don’t leave your body (unless you are constantly detoxing). I have learned to not assume a product is natural or non toxic just because the label says so; I have had to understand & become familiar with ingredients for myself. Any product can say “natural” or if it has a couple of those ingredients, but that doesn’t mean it really is.


Did you know our skin is the largest organ in our body and it only takes 26 seconds for whatever we put on to be absorbed into the bloodstream? These products can be full of carcinogens (cause cancer), neurotoxins, endocrine (hormone) disruptors, affect growth development, reproductive health and more. Women, especially, put so many products on each day, that if we calculated how many products + how many ingredients are in each….we are overloading our body with toxins and chemicals, faster than we can detox them! And that’s not even including all the toxins we breathe in from free radicals, smog, exhaust, pollutants, cleaning products, our water and more! 


**Here’s a challenge, take a picture or get a piece of paper and write down how many products you used on your face and/or body that day. You can decide how extreme you want to go i.e. hand soap, body lotion, perfume, laundry detergent, air freshener, hair products…etc. It is amazing, fascinating and alarming how many products we use!**


On average, women consume seven pounds of fatty lipstick in their lifetimes.

Huffington post

Um…ew. But, honestly, think about it, we apply lipstick or lipgloss and then we go about our day eating, drinking, reapplying and so on, and we are actually ingesting it! Most lipsticks contain artificial dyes, irritants, carcinogens and even lead! πŸ˜³

The FDA barely regulates products, ingredients and companies; very flimsy “regulations” if you ask me. Did you know that in the EU there are over 1,200 banned ingredients, but yet, in the U.S. there are only 11? When I heard about that, it just blew my mind. That is so sad, crazy, and honestly, scary! 


I realize that many skin conditions, can be caused by hormones, diet, stress, environmental and can be more of a deeper rooted issue. But, I can’t help but wonder if more people who were struggling started changing what they used on their skin, (and body too), would start noticing a more drastic difference. For example, what does an average woman/girl do if she has a pimple, breakout, uneven skin tone or redness? She puts makeup on to cover it up! When she takes off her makeup and it’s more red, or more broken out, more than likely she feels less confident or frustrated because its not getting better and uses MORE makeup or skincare filled with toxins to cover it up. It’s a vicious cycle. Believe me, I know from personal experience.

I hear about and know people who have tried so many things, like changing their diet, cutting out foods but they don’t notice difference. They continue to use all these products and smother their faces with these chemicals. Obviously, I understand this may not be the direct cause or the only cause, but in some cases I just wonder, how big of a difference it would make if they changed the products they were using too, you know? I know, for myself personally, I have seen a major difference since changing my products; and there are so many other testimonials.


 With all that being said, it doesn’t mean I’ll never dye my hair, go to spa or salon or lol eat ice-cream. It doesn’t mean you can’t either! If I were going to dye my hair or go to a salon, I would try to research to see if there were healthier, more natural salons near me. Then I would research their products, or better yet, bring my own!

It’s all about creating our personal preference and making healthier & wiser decisions based on our research & knowledge of ingredients. You may find you’re okay with certain ingredients over others. I may be okay using particular ingredients than someone else or vice-versa, and guess what? That’s okay! It’s about finding the best options for each of us and our standards. So, it’s honestly about changing our perspective and really wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, but also not going overboard to where it becomes stressful! It can be hard balance. 

I started this blog with the intent to have a creative outlet, shed light on the matter and help others find safer, nontoxic products! To help take some of the unneeded potential stress of transitioning. If you have any questions email me or leave a comment below, I would be happy to help in anyway I can. 


I hope that was helpful and hope you will join me on my journey!



HannahMarie β™₯


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Disclaimer: The purpose of my channel is to spark interest about natural living. I am still learning and journeying through this.I hope that this will be a community of encouragement; especially for those with chronic illness. Any supplements or products mentioned are purely my opinion. I will always give my full and honest review. These post are to inspire individuals to be their own health advocates & are not to be taken as medical advice. I am not a Medical Doctor. Please see your medical doctor or holistic practitioner for advice about which nutritional supplements or products may be beneficial to your health prior to starting any product.

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