April Favorites

I almost wasn’t going to do a “April Favorites” post, but wasn’t sure since it’s already the middle of MAY! 😳 It’s absolutely crazy how fast the months are flying by. Anyways, I did a poll on Instagram and the majority of you wanted to still see it, so here it is!

It’s so hard to really narrow it down to share so it’s not like 3 pages long. There’s so many products I have been loving! These are the products I have been reaching for the most & loving – (but also not just in April). I’ll link to all the products below:)





Heritage Store Rosewater: I used to not be a huge fan of Rose or floral scents, but I’ve been starting to really enjoy rose scented products (still a bit picky lol especially when it comes to other floral scents). It’s a very soft scented rose, I feel it’s perfect. I appreciate how affordable this product is too. I use this as a facial toner or refresher, spraying it throughout the day. Its anti-inflammatory, healing, hydrating and has great benefits. The possibilities are endless for this, add this to products, use on your hair, as a perfume, air freshener…etc.


LUMIONskin Oxygen Mist: This contains Hypochlorous Acid, Dead Sea Salts & is Oxygenated. Hypochlorous Acid is actually naturally found in the human bodies immune system to help fight infections & heal. It helps to cleanse & soothe the skin. The Dead Sea Salts help energize, balance, heal & provide necessary minerals. The Oxygen helps moisturize & add radiance to the skin. 

Since treatment I am very much a germaphobe, so I enjoy this as a toner, or to spray after being out and about, put on cuts (I prefer the serum more for cuts and injuries etc), spray on my face with breakouts.


JustNutiritve Body Oil: There’s been a couple really beautiful, sunny, hot days and on those days you can most definitely find me outside laying in the sun. I really have been enjoying this oil as a “tanning oil.” It can be a little more on the greasy side for a bit until it absorbs – but I don’t mind.


Prim Botanicals Hair Oil: I must say, the scent took me by surprise a bit when I first got this oil. It’s quite different than any product I’ve used in the past. It’s kinda a peppery- spicy/warming scent. I’ve grown to really enjoy it though! Plus it makes my hair SO silky soft. I’ve been using it as an over the night oil hair mask too. It’s perfect! 




Fitglow Lip Serum – in “Bliss”

I feel like I haven’t shared about these serums in a while, but although I haven’t shared about them I have been wearing them like 24/7 still and I still think they are like the best lip product. They seriously make my lips feel so good. Bliss I really enjoy by itself or over top a lipstick. It has some shimmer in it, which I really like. I have a video of all these swatches, you can watch here, if you’d like.


Fitglow Lip Colour Cream – in “Pure” 

This glides on my lips and gives a really pretty pigmented. This has been my go to “neutral” lipstick color. Sometimes I apply Bliss lip serum over top:) Read my blog post & see swatches of lip colours here.


Jennifer Lynn Naturals Lip Gloss – in “Juicy Apricot”

This is the perfect nude/apricot/peach tone lip gloss! I really enjoy how this looks, feels and smells….cause it smells like vanilla & vanilla is my favorite!


Hurraw Lip Balm – in “Moon Balm”

I have been really enjoying this lip balm. My best friend got it for me for my birthday. The scent is calming & quite nice. It feels good on the lips & gives a little glossy shine.



Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation – I have had the pressed Alima Pure foundation for awhile, but it just hasn’t been my favorite & don’t grab for it – I think because I like a bit more coverage. After hearing really great reviews on this I decided to purchase some samples. I ended up purchasing the full size because I REALLY like it. Honestly this could go light to full (or pretty close to full) coverage. It reminds me a lot of the BareMinerals mineral foundation (which use to be my go-to), only better. If you didn’t care for the pressed foundation version, I definitely recommend giving this a try. It’s like 5 simple, pure ingredients, too.


Fitglow Beach Bronzer – I feel like most people don’t care for the more warmer/red tone bronzers but I actually really like them! I think they are very flattering on my skin tone too, so I am drawn to them. Not like crazy red, but just a warm tone. This one has been great swap for a BareMinerals one I used to use & love.


Fitglow Eyeshadow Trio in “Surf” (unfortunately, I think this is no longer available at this time 🙁) This eyeshadow trio is stunning & so blendable. I love the gold/champagne colors (they are also super pretty as a highlight). Although this isn’t available anymore, I’m not sure if Fitglow is reformulating them or not. Root Pretty has some colors, Heirloom, Goddess, Blue Lagoon, that I believe would be a very similar, close match to the ones in this Trio. 


Vapour Eyeliner – super smooth & pigmented. I really like this eyeliner – also it has a little smudge/sponge applicator on one side.



Plume Eyelash Curler – The best lash curler I have used. Curls the lashes from the root.

Affiliate Coupon Code: HANNAHMARIE (US or INTL) or HANNAHMARIECAD (Canada)


Root #16 Blending Eyeshadow Brush –  I find this to be a perfect blending/crease brush – always reaching for it.


Crunchi Flat Top Flawless Face Brush A really great flat top foundation brush, I use this quite a bit. I find I can pack product on nicely, but also blend well.





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