Welcome to p.s.byHannahMarie! A plain and simple place for all things clean beauty + lifestyle! A place to embrace & enhance our God-given natural beauty with clean, non-toxic products. Faith, family & friends are an important part of my life. I have always enjoyed makeup, art, photography, adventures, big fluffy clouds & sunflowers.

Honestly, I wanted to create this blog to share my love for clean beauty, photography, my lyme journey, fashion, my faith, D.I.Y. and more. A creative outlet for me through my health journey; a fun place to share, motivate and encourage others, so I hope you enjoy!

I have struggled with health issues my whole life. In 2016, I was diagnosed and treated for Lyme Disease.

It has been a rough road, discouraging and frustrating. But I am so thankful for my faith- for the Lord who continues to sustain me- family, church, friends and doctors who are working with us! It definitely has been challenging in all areas of life.

After treatment, I really started to do more research on ingredients & products we use daily. I was shocked & so disgusted with what is being put in our products that is barely being regulated! After just gone through an intense treatment & detoxing, trying to recover, I decided to fully switch over to clean beauty. I strive to find the best, cleanest & natural option. But I’m not perfect; I strive for “cleaner beauty” & the best I can do. Makeup & hair, etc is something I enjoy & is fun for me so I don’t want it to come to a point where I become stressed about the products, because that will be worse for my health. I want to the best that I can do. The key is BALANCE.

Three things I try to follow & share with others:
  1. Research for yourself
  2. Make an Informed Decision
  3. Have Balance. Don’t stress out.

………..And of course, have fun!

I really want this to be a safe, fun place to learn, research, share & help encourage others in this journey of transitioning to clean beauty, making healthier lifestyle choices or who are also struggling with their health. 

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*To read more about my Lyme journey and my treatment, please feel free to head over to my (other) blog, here.

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