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A plain and simple place for all things clean beauty + lifestyle! A place to embrace and enhance our God-given natural beauty with clean, non-toxic products. Faith, family and friends are an important part of my life. I have always enjoyed makeup, art, photography, adventures, big fluffy clouds and sunflowers.

Honestly, I wanted to create this blog to share my love for clean beauty, photography, my lyme journey, fashion, my faith, D.I.Y. and more…..haha, buuuuut that’s a lot to put as a description, so hence “Lifestyle,” (I think that will cover everything 😉 ) I wanted to create a fun place to share, motivate and encourage others, so I hope you enjoy!


In 2016, I was diagnosed and treated for Lyme Disease.*

It has been a rough road, discouraging and frustrating. But I am so thankful for my faith- for God who continues to sustain me- family, church family, friends and doctors who are working with us! It definitely has been challenging in all areas of life. One of the areas is products, since my body has become much more sensitive to everything. I have to avoid certain ingredients like, coconut oil (clogs my pores) *tear rolls down face*, Magnesium Sulfate aka Epsom Salts (basically any sulfa, sulfur, sulfate, sulfite), silver and very sensitive to most scents/fragrances (especially synthetic), so if you’re wearing a perfume, in particular, or other strong product and I start holding my breath or something, you’ll know why….and don’t take it personally. 😉 I also had chemical sensitives, one of them being formaldehyde.

As I continue to recover, I have enjoyed making the most of it; starting an Instagram, Youtube, and now, Blog. I may not be where I want to be or how I’d imagine myself at 20, but I am where God want’s me to be and I am just striving to make the most of it and be content at where He has me, even though it can be very hard at times! When I’m feeling ok, I enjoy creating makeup looks, getting “dressed up,” going on adventures or just accomplishing the things I don’t get to do much…Also, I love to clean and organize. This is all new to me, and has been a bit overwhelming at times, but I am enjoying what I am learning and excited to share with others!






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*To read more about my Lyme journey and my treatment, please feel free to head over to my (other) blog, here.

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